Image 1 - Doug Engelbart

Doug Engelbart speaking to the audience at the Mother of All Demos.

Image 2 - Geographers using planimeters

Two geographers sitting at a large drafting table with a large map on top. They each have planimeters, rulers, and pencils within reach.

Image 3 - Beau Hardeman

Beau Hardeman sitting at the desk of Engelbart's computing system using the first computer mouse and chordset.

Image 4 - Microsoft IntelliMouse

The underside of the Microsoft IntelliMouse. The body of the mouse is made from a translucent black plastic and a bright red light from the optical sensor is emanating from the center.

Image 5 - Underwater Mouse

An underwater photo of a scuba diver using an oversized metal computer mouse on top of a large gridded mouse pad.

Image 6 - Ethernet Cable

A bright yellow fiber optic cable running from the top of the image to the bottom where it dissapears into a hole metal flooring

Image 7 - Space Station Mouse Habitat

A Mouse Habitat module which has been on the International Space Station since 2014. It is a blue metal box with two circular openings at the top.

Image 8 - Pope touches iPhone

The Pope's hand touching the screen of a iPhone, held by a woman who is showing the Pope a photograph of her son.

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